Am i the only one who thinks crystal looks stupid as fuck with them damn bobos in her head -.- i like her but shes trying so hard to be "different" its kinda annoying she doesnt have to try everyone can tell that shes different from the rest


lol idk, I’m kinda use to seeing stuff like that cause of the ppl i follow on tumblr. so its like normal for me. lol i don’t think its anything… new tbh

I agree also i love crystal and india alot but the bows look kinda eh :/ we all know crystals different she doesn’t need to prove it any more love them girls tho


Episode 1.

Yesss 👏👏👏

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❤️😍 im in love with my self , this is  a blessing

❤️😍 im in love with my self , this is a blessing

sooooo beautiful 

sooooo beautiful 

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Im so in love with you boy , i never want to leave your side 😫😓 You might not be to good but i love you sooooooooo muchhhhh ://

Idle time is the devils play ground , while you have the time to think about me baby think about how much i mean to you & how much you need me in your life <3 i could be gone to morrow cherish the people you love

You just cant work things out with some one you will never be able to trust sad but true :(